Dit diertje heeft na lang zoeken en selecteren de body meegekregen van onze Nederlandse dwerghangoor. Zijn pels is die van het rexkonijn. Naar mijn oordeel een pareltje van een dier. Hij werd gefokt in Amerika waar de Arba standaard hem niet wil erkennen, tot grote spijt van een gedreven aantal fokkers die jarenlang gewerkt hebben om tot dit resultaat te komen.


The Mini Plush Lop was created by Devie L. D'Anniballe in North Lawrence Ohio.   Loving the Hollands with their charming personality but the Mini Rex's soft coat and sweet disposition. Devie decided to combine the best of the two worlds.  In 1995 a handful of others started to try to create what is now the Mini Plush Lop.  By adding a Rex with a Holland.  The Holland was to bring the size down and get the body that was wanted.  The Rex was added to the coat and the massiveness of the rabbits.  Needless to say this did not work.  The next step we tried was to breed a Mini Rex to a Holland. Again this did not work and we tried for 2 yrs.  The bone structure became very fine, ears would not fall ect.  As time went on everyone that started said it was not possible and too much work.  That is when I, Devie D'Anniballe began to solo on my own.  I added 3 lb. Mini Rex with good coats to a Mini Lop.  This gave  the  needed body type and the ears did fall but the size was way to large.  Only the does were kept from this breeding and I still needed to breed down with the bucks.  Already having the Holland/Mini Rex crosses, the bucks were used to bring down the size.  Only the does were kept from these breedings and bucks came from a Holland/Mini Rex cross.
Culling was the hardest thing.  All rabbits were only allowed to breed one time.  If the does had litters and raised them, two does were choosen and the rest were culled from the herd.  Only one or two bucks were chosen to be breeding bucks out of several litters and the rest were culled.  Soon my large barn was sectioned off and is still sectioned off today.  One section is brood does.  This section is just for those does to have a litter, once the doe kindles two does, they are culled from the herd.  Next is juniors which will be future brood does and should be ready for breeding as soon as the other does have raised their young to six to eight weeks.  Then, with all the babies being born we must have a nursery to watch the babies grow and choose the future breeding rabbits that will help develop the herd.  Last but not least, we have the  Honeymoon  section.  This section can and often is up to 15 bucks for observation and breeding. 
The rabbits are culled and only the most prolific and hardy animals remain for future breeders.
New things started to appear in the herd.   After a few  years, different breeds started showing up in the herd.  First came the Jersey Woolies, then came the Fuzzy Lops and then came  Chester.  Chester grew to be a whopping 9 lb. rabbit.  In the next litter with the same breeding came Dillion a three and a half pound Mini Plush Lop that was to be the start of all the Mini Plush Lops.  Dillion if bred to a Holland and then offspring back to him brought out Mini Plush Lops.           

The Mini Plush Lop may never  be excepted by ARBA.  The rule on page 14 in the Standard of Perfection is the reason why.   

According to ARBA these animals are the same as a Holland Lop, if brought down to dwarf size they would be a dwarf with lop ears and mini rex coat if size is raised they compete with a mini lop.  I do not have a Certificate of Development and they will not be approved by ARBA due to the rule on page 14.  Due to this rule I do not see how how any lops can be approved if you have any suggestions Please contact me.   I am breeding my rabbits down to Dwarf size with small compact bodies and wide faces with short wide muzzles as this was my plan in the beginning this is what I will continue with.   

I have created a small 2-3 lb. mini rex furred, lop earred rabbit that I really enjoy and find attractive.  ARBA will not except them I have talked to them several times.  As long as the rule is in on page 14 in the Standard of Perfection is active there is no way these animals will be excepted.  I plan to go on raising my MPL's.  I have had so many possitive emails on my rabbits and I thank you.  I enjoy reading them.